Doç. Dr. Çiğdem BOZDAĞ


Start End Title Place
01 April 2015 - Deputy Chair New Media Department
01 October 2014 - Erasmus Coordinator New Media Department


Start End Work Position
01 September 2007 01 June 2010 University of Bremen, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research Research Assistant
01 September 2011 01 June 2013 University of Bremen, Communication and Media Studies Lecturer
01 September 2013 01 June 2015 Sabanci University, Istanbul Policy Center Mercator-IPC Fellow
01 September 2014 - Kadir Has University, Department of New Media Assistant Professor


Education University Department Date
Ph.D. University of Bremen Communication and Media Studies 2013
M.A. University of Bremen Media Culture 2010
B.A. Bogazici University Political Science and International Relations 2005


New Media, Sociology of Media and Technology Globalization, Migration Studies, Transnationalism
Media Culture, Intercultural Communication, ICTs in Education, e-Learning


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
NS-510 Virtual and Augmented Environments Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
NM-201 History of Media Technologies Kadir Has University Fall 2014-15
NM-313 E-Governance Kadir Has University Fall 2014-15
NS-507 Social Media Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
NM-311 E-Learning Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
NM-302 Digital Culture Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15