Event: Lets go to İnci Eviner ve Kutluğ Ataman’s Exhibitions!

İnci Eviner and Kutluğ Ataman, two international acclaimed artists from Turkey: Their artworks are exhibited in international prominent institutions and their practices are well known in different part of the world.

We will visit the both solo exhibitions... will see the works, speak about it, share our ideas and discuss... join us!

"Broken Manifestos - Kırık Manifestolar" - İnci Eviner

"Mesopotamian Dramaturgies – Mezopatamya Dramatürjileri"  - Kutluğ Ataman


Date/Hour: 07.10.2011, Friday, 11am

Place: İstiklal Cad., Mısır Apt., No.163 (front of the entrance)

Organization: Faculty of Communications, New Media Dept.

Contact: Assist.Prof.Dr.Pelin Tan, pelin.tan@khas.edu.tr

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KHAS New Media http://iletisim.khas.edu.tr/300



Together to 12.Istanbul Art Biennial!!!

The 12th Istanbul Art Biennial has been curated by Jens Hoffmann ve Adriano Pedrosa , which opened on the 15 September, 2011. The Istanbul biennial is the most expected art event in the world, also it is the most important contributing event to the art production of Istanbul. With the title of “Untitled” this biennial offers several different artists and artworks; I would like to invite to visit the biennial together in order to see, experience and discuss the artists and artworks. Istanbul Biennial director Bige Örer will kindly lead us in our visit and will share her experience about the biennial since the past biennials.

Date/Hour: 30.09.2011, Friday, 10am

Place: Front of the ticket office of Bienal / Antrepo

Organization: Faculty of Communication, New Media Dept.

Contact: Assist.Prof.Dr.Pelin Tan, pelin.tan@khas.edu.tr

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KHAS New Media http://iletisim.khas.edu.tr/300 
12.Istanbul Biennial, 2011: http://12b.iksv.org/tr/index.asp

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  • Serhat Bayram (ADV ’09) wins National Geographic International  Photography prize 2008