Dean's Message

"We are raising  a new generation of communications specialists…”

We are experiencing a major transformation described as the Communication, Information and Media Revolution and our future depends closely on how we make this transformation happen. At the Kadir Has University Faculty of Communication, our departments in Public Relations and Information; Communication Design; Advertising; Radio, TV and Cinema; and New Media aim to give our students an education which closely follows the new trends.

Our faculty ambitiously relates to all fields of communication. Our understanding of education is based on seeing both the converging and distinguishing e characteristics of each of these five fields. We provide a wide range of classes and common studies bringing all departments together to make this happen and our departments, guide our students according to their skills and interests.  Starting in the third year, our students in RTC, , PR and NM departments have the opportunity to gain enhanced experience and skills in related areas of expertise by selecting one of the track options offered.  In this way, students receive, along with their diplomas; a certificate which specifies their area of expertise. Furthermore, we offer Double Major/Minor concentration programs to our students.

In our Faculty of Communication, classes are updated in line with developments in the field and our students learn as they practice.

They experience the sector environment in the studios where they spend most of their time : they publish newspapersmagazines, and work on films and scenarios. As a part of the Pusula Academy, they produce TV news. They create award-winning projects in the Advertising Atelier.


In their classes at Kadir Has University, our students can interact with students from all around the world  and gain experience in various universities around the world which we have bilateral agreements with. Additionally, they may prefer to study their final year at Coventry University in the UK and receive a double degree certification of graduation.

In summary, KHAS Faculty of Communication raise a new generation of communicators who have governance and innovative qualifications to update their vision required by changing communication field.