New Media Lab

We designed the New Media Lab to bring together experts, who are working in the new media field, instructors and the students who aim to become a new generation of communicators. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to produce ideas, content and projects together and to have a chance to produce them. The Lab is equipped with a technological infrastructure that follows the innovations in the digital environment and allows to develop content in different formats. Our students here are able to do, multi-media journalism, using a new generation of technology tools,according to their chosen field of expertise. They produce printed and digital content on the publications of our university such as Cibali Postası and Panorama Magazine.They share content they produce, on all platforms available on the internet, social media, etc., and also design and develop mobile applications. They have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of projects they produce, are ready for new business models, are entrepreneurs as graduates with entrepreneurial self-confidence that they can build their own business models.