The students are placed at our university by ÖSYM with the central placement system. Placement is done within the quotas recommended by our university every year and approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The quotas of the departments, score and success orders of the University Entrance Exam (YKS) are included in the YKS guidebook.

After the registrations are completed, students can apply to the universities on a space-available basis on the dates announced by ÖSYM. The additional placement is done with the central placement system.

The language of instruction is English at the Faculty of Communication.

In our faculty, lateral transfers are made according to the regulations determined by YÖK. 3 types of lateral transfer are possible: According to the results of Intra-Institutional and Inter-Institutional GPA, and YKS Central Placement Score rates.

All university-related passwords can be updated from

You can visit and get information from Erasmus Department representatives.

Summer school education is held at our university. Please visit Academic Calendar.

Yes, one-quarter of four-year education must be paid.

The part of the tuition fee exceeding the scholarship and discount amount must be paid according to the calculation based on one-quarter of a four-year education.  

According to the regulation onıles/mevzuat/lisans-burs-yonergesi2.pdf Kadir Has Honor Scholarships are determined every year at the end of the spring semester following the entry of all exam grades into the system according to the academic calendar. It is not expected for students to apply for scholarships. 

In case of freezing registration, the student’s maximum education period stipulated in paragraph (c) of Article 44 of the Law No. 2547 does not apply.

No, the documents cannot be returned during the freezing registration process.

Excluding for the duration spent in the English preparatory program, regardless of whether or not students are registered for each semester, they have to complete their four-year undergraduate programs within seven years. The periods spent in summer education are not counted as education duration.

Yes, you can apply to the relevant department within three working days from the announcement of the grade by filling out a material error appeal form.

Yes, the exams are held after the fall and spring semester final exams. Please visit Academic Calendar.

Students who are within the maximum period of study and despite being successful in all courses cannot fulfill the graduation requirements only because their weighted grade point average is below 2.00 are given the right to take an additional exam. Students can only choose a course from among the courses they have previously achieved with a conditional successful grade (DD-DC). This course must be convenient to promote students’ weighted grade point average to at least 2.00.

You can apply online from MyKhas Portal with your e-mail address and password:

Students with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 who are in the maximum period of study and cannot fulfill the graduation requirements because they have failed only one course, excluding the graduation project and graduation thesis, are given the right to take a single course exam. Students must be in a position to increase their weighted grade point average to at least 2.00 with the contribution of the grade they will get as a result of the single course exam.

You can apply online from MyKhas Portal with your e-mail address and password:

Yes, the student’s success in the relevant course is determined only by the grade of the single course exam.

Students who do not take the midterm or final exams due to health or other justified and valid excuses may be given a make-up exam if the excuse of the student is accepted by the instructor of the course.

Courses can be retaken with the approval of students’ advisors, provided the student does not exceed the credit load required by student status.

Students can get a maximum of 6 KHAS credits, 12 ECTS (Students who are subject to the ECTS credit system) including the credit of the single course exam that can be taken at the end of the semester.

Except for the first semester that they start their education, students can add and/or drop courses for once for each course by obtaining the approval of their advisor, provided that their credit load is not exceeded until the deadline specified in the academic calendar.

Course attendance requirements are determined by the course lecturer and applied as specified in the course syllabus.

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