International Sub-Saharan Migrations to and through Turkey, and ICTs

Cezayir Conference Center, Beyoğlu + Zoom

The conference on international migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Turkey and through Turkey and the use of information and communication technologies in this mobility will take place on May 19-20.

The conference presenters include scholars from European, African, and Turkish university research institutions, and the venue is the Cezayir Conference Center in Galatasaray, Beyoglu

This meeting is organized jointly by Prof. Mahir Saul from the University of Illinois, whom we are hosting at Kadir Has University as the recipient of the International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Program of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Dr. İbrahim Soysüren of Neufchaâtel University in Switzerland.

You may e-mail to [email protected] to register and follow the event online.

Please click to view the program.

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